Chip Hawkes

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Chip Hawkes started his professional music career in 1962 with “The Horizons”. The band featured Chip on bass & Rod Evans on vocals (who later became the original singer for “Deep Purple”). Like many other young musicians such as The Beatles, The Searchers, Cliff Bennett, etc., The Horizons learned their craft in Germany (Hamburg, etc.).

Chip joined “Brian Poole & The Tremeloes” in late 1965 and this format went on for about 1 year. Brian embarked on a solo career which eventually led to them splitting. Chip & Alan Blakely found the song “Here Comes My Baby” written by Cat Stevens, which proved to be their first global hit and first US success.

Over the next 6 to 7 years, “The Tremeloes” produced worldwide hits such as “Silence Is Golden” (which reached the number 1 spot all over the world including the US). Many of the hits were penned by Chip.

In 1974 Chip left the band and was signed by RCA to record in Nashville, Tennessee. He & his young family lived there for 5 years playing with country stars and musicians such as Waylon Jennings travelling the length and breadth of America.

1979 Chip reformed “The Tremeloes” with all of the original members and moved back to the UK. “The Tremeloes” continued touring all over Europe until 1988 when Chip left the band to concentrate on the musical career of his eldest son, Chesney, who had a massive global hit with “The One & Only” written by Nik Kershaw. Also stared in a major film, playing Roger Daltry’s son.

Chip was not cut out to be a manager, and after about 2 years of not doing live gigs he formed his own group “The Chip Hawkes Band” and toured with them very successfully all over Europe in the 90’s.

In 2003 Chip formed “The Class Of ‘64” and found a new lease on life. The band included Mick Avory (“The Kinks”) & Eric Haydock (“The Hollies”), allowing Chip to perform classics such as “Waterloo Sunset” & “The Air That I Breathe” along with all The Tremeloes hits. Unfortunately, the band ran its course. Chip & the boys went their separate ways.

Currently Chip has found another lease on life as a solo artist and often tours with Gerry Marsden. and The Searchers on “The Sixties Gold Tour” His new project is “The 60's Alstars” With Chip on bass, Tony Crane, (Mersey Beats) on lead guitar and Geoff Turton, (Rockin' Berries) on guitar. Obviously they play all their individual hits.