Chip Hawkes

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Kentucky Rain - No Stranger To Heartache

The Everly's pretty much influenced everybody, and way back in the 70's, "me mate "'Arry", Len ( Chip ) Hawkes from the Trems and I wrote and recorded a couple of songs, for fun, under the pseudonym "Kentucky Rain". I found old copies this afternoon so decided to stick em up. This is the 1st and really shows their influence and our life long admiration of the Everly's and we also wrote and recorded the additional track "Dream Baby Dream" in similar style, which I'll post another day. Both were never released - but 'tell you what, we had such great fun making them. Chip & I on bass and guitars, Raymie Duffy drums, Martin Jenner pedal steel, and yours truly "Floyd Campbell" on piano. No good footage available of 'Arry & I together ( well none you could publish!), so some suspect quality I'm afraid. Don & Phil it ain't -- just "Len & Bill" having a great time Hope they make you smile.

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